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The Song Poet

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The Song Poet: a memoir of my father

2017 Chautauqua Prize Finalist

Kao Kalia Yang’s The Song Poet is “more than a memoir,” one reader said. “(It is) a most moving account of an era, a culture, and a particularly vibrant, powerful form of poetic expression.” In the Hmong tradition, the song poet recounts the story of his people, their history and tragedies, joys and losses. Yang retells the life of her father, Bee Yang, the song poet ― a Hmong refugee in Minnesota, driven from the mountains of Laos by America’s Secret War. A “remarkable” and “necessary story,” The Song Poet was lauded for its “definite cadence, rhythm and poetic quality. …Its theme is timeless; … its mark is indelible."

published by Metropolitan Books and Picador
distributed by Macmillan
Product SKU: 9781250131881

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