Zeyno Baran

Zeyno Baran is Director of International Security and Energy Programs. Prior to joining the Nixon Center in January 2003, Ms. Baran was Director of the Caucasus Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

In 1998, Ms. Baran established the Georgia Forum at CSIS, the only such program in the United States that focused exclusively on this strategic country and its relations with the U.S. and Russia. Ms. Baran has also worked on Caspian oil and gas pipeline projects since 1996, and frequently travels to the region.

Baran has appeared on a number of Caucasus and Turkish TVs, as well as CNN's NewsNight and is widely quoted in the print media.

In 2001 she was selected as a member of a Greek-Turkish working group striving to improve bilateral relations. While she was born in Turkey, Ms. Baran spent a significant part of her childhood growing up in Greece, giving her a unique perspective on bilateral issues.

Ms. Baran received her M.A. in international economic development and her B.A. in political science from Stanford University. Her work on the compatibility of Islam and democracy received the Firestone Medal for Stanford's most outstanding political science/international relations honors thesis in 1996.