Loren R. Mead

Loren B. Mead, an ordained Episcopal priest, is an educator, consultant, and author who works to strengthen religious institutions, especially local congregations. Loren has collaborated with lay people, clergy, executives and bishops, teachers and others committed to ministry. A pioneer in congregational studies, he brought together the methods of organization development consultation and applied research for working with congregations. As author, he published three best selling books on the future of the church, The Once and Future Church (1991), Transforming Congregations for the Future (1994), and Five Challenges for the Once and Future Church (1996). In addition to a number of articles and chapters in edited works, he is also the author of New Hope for Congregations (1972), Critical Moment of Ministry: The Change of Pastors (1987), The Whole Truth (1987), and More Than Numbers (1994). His most recent book is Financial Meltdown in the Mainline. A book about the financial and spiritual dilemma of church financing, published in 1998.