Prof. Richard J. Mouw

Richard Mouw joined the faculty of Fuller as professor of Christian philosophy in September 1985, after 17 years as a professor at Calvin College. He served for four years as provost and senior vice president under David Hubbard, then in 1993 was inaugurated as the fourth president of the Fuller Seminary. Mouw has served Fuller as teacher, scholar, administrator, and public interpreter of evangelicalism. He has published eleven books during these years, and authored articles, reviews, and essays appearing in more than 30 journals. Among his books are The God Who Commands: A Study in Divine Ethics (Notre Dame, 1990), Uncommon Decency (InterVarsity, 1992), Consulting the Faithful (Eerdmans, 1994), and The Smell of Sawdust (Zondervan, 2000). He is a regular columnist on "Beliefnet" Web Magazine.