Dr. Barbara Reynolds

Barbara Reynolds is an award-winning journalist, nationally syndicated columnist, television news commentator, author, professor, and ordained minister. Barbara Reynolds is President of Reynolds News Service: A Think Tank on Race, Religion and Gender, based in the Washington, D.C. area. She is also a regular panelist on WHUT-TV and CNN. Barbara Reynolds is a Sought-after speaker. She is a start-up editor of USA Today's op-ed, and recently inducted into the Columbus, Ohio Hall of fame.In 1975 she wrote the award-winning biography of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, entitled Jesse Jackson: the Man, the Movement, the Myth. In 1976 Dr. Reynolds became the second black woman in history to win a Nieman fellowship at Harvard University. In 1988, Dr. Reynolds authored And Still we Rise, a book which showcases up close and personal interviews with 50 black role models. Dr Reynolds has been a regular panelist on CNN and served as a consultant to the NBC-TV on the O. J. Simpson trial. In 1991, Dr. Reynolds earned a Master's Degree in Religious Studies from the Howard University School of Divinity. She also became an Ordained Minister in May of 1995 at the Greater Mt/ Calvary Holy Church in Washington, D.C. Dr. Reynolds has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Ohio State University's Distinguished Alumna Award.