Ted_Ginn, Sr.

Ted Ginn, Sr.

Ted Ginn, Sr. has served as Head Football Coach of the Glenville, Ohio Tarblooders since 1997. His nationally known program, Winning and Building a Team against All Odds, enabled Glenville to be ranked fourth in the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Top 25 teams in 2000, second in 2004, and first in 2005, at which time the Tarblooders were ranked 17th among the Top 20 High School Football Programs in the country. Coach Ginn was then named Head Coach for the 2006 United States Army All American Bowl Game, for which he brought home a win for the East. He was also named Head Coach for the Glenville High School Boy's Track Team in 2002, and since that time he has led the team, which has been considered one of the best track teams in the country, to four consecutive State Championship titles. But Ted Ginn will tell anyone that his program is neither about track nor football. "It's about saving lives and saving souls," he says. "Football and track are just the vehicles we use to ride in." A football player in high school himself, he started his career as a volunteer coach from 1976 to 1986, and was eventually hired as Assistant Coach and then Head Coach. Coach Ginn has assisted over 100 student athletes in attending college, including over 50 scholarships for Division I, ranking the Tarblooders' program number six in the country for recipients of Division I scholarships for student athletes. Moreover, when Colleges would not come to Glenville High School, Coach Ginn decided to take his athletes to the colleges. Eventually mentoring former successful high school football players, Coach Ginn has recently established a network of college football recruiters that now call on him to promote and market his players. His son, Ted Ginn, Jr., recently entered the 2007 NFL Draft.A trustee for the National Association for the Education of African American Children, Coach Ginn has been honored by various organizations as Man of the Year, Coach of the Year, and in June of 2006, he was inducted into the Glenville High School Hall of Fame. The Ted Ginn Preparatory School, which will house, educate, and mentor young inner city males who are at risk, is scheduled to open in the fall of 2007. Coach Ginn believes that, with kids, "you have to adjust the medicine," which he addresses in his soon to be released biography, The Man With The Medicine: The Story of Ted Ginn, Sr., a chronicle of humble beginnings and milk carton football; of a mission and journey that could have only been sanctioned and directed, as he affirms, by God Himself.