Doron Weber

Doron Weber was born in Israel, grew up in New York, and was educated at Brown University and Oxford. He has worked as a newspaper boy, busboy, waiter and taxi driver and is the co-author of three published nonfiction books and various articles. For 15 years, he has worked at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, a nonprofit that supports science and education.

His Immortal Bird is a searing account of a father's struggle to save his remarkable son, a story of a young boy's passion for life, and a tribute to his family's love. It is also a story of the perils of modern medicine and the redemptive power of art in the face of the unthinkable.

Weber has worked as a program director at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the purpose of which is to support research and education is science, technology, and economic performance philanthropically, since 1995. The Sloan Foundation has received National Science Board's Public Service Award "for its innovative use of traditional media—books, radio, public television--and its pioneering efforts in theater and commercial television and films to advance public understanding of science and technology”.